AVG Business Antivirus Exclusion Guide

  Antivirus (AV) Exclusion Guides

Take the following steps on a Windows device where you plan to install the Interguard Agent. To add AVG exceptions, you will install the Agent first and then browse to select exceptions.

NOTE: While we update this guide from time to time, we cannot guarantee compatibility as Antivirus software companies may make changes without informing us.  Any antivirus settings that are disabled during this process should be re-enabled once the exclusions have been set up.

  1. Before installing an agent, find your company’s Windows installation folder.
    Log in to Interguard at https://app.interguardsoftware.com go to the Admin | Company Account page. Under “Antivirus Exclusions” note the Windows folder to exclude. For example:
  2. Open AVG Business.
    Click on the AVG Business Security icon in the system tray to open the AVG control panel.
    Open AVG
  3. Disable AVG Scanning
    You cannot download and install the Interguard software while AVG is active.
  4. Download the Interguard Windows Installer file.
    Open a browser on the endpoint device and log in to your Interguard account through https://app.interguardsoftware.com. Select Admin | Download Agents and follow instructions to download the Windows Agent.
  5. Double-click the downloaded file to install.
    Follow the installer prompts. You will be prompted to enter your Interguard credentials to register the device. IMPORTANT: When the installation is finished, uncheck Automatically reboot the computer
    Press Finish.
    Installer options
  1. Return to the AVG console and add Exceptions. 
    Open the menu in the upper right corner of the AVG control panel and select Settings.
    In the Settings panel, select  General > Exceptions. Press  Add.
  2. Browse to and select the folder you noted.
    Press OK.
    Select your folder
  3. Press the green OK button at the bottom of the panel.
    Folder added
    The folder and its contents are now excluded from scanning. Close the AVG Business Console.
    Exceptions list
  4. Restart the computer.
    A reboot completes the Interguard installation. When the computer has restarted, re-enable AVG Business Protection (scanning).
  5. Test the device.
    Perform some activities on the device to test Interguard and to make sure there is no interference from the antivirus. Run a scan on the device. If files under the Interguard are detected, add them as Exceptions. If there are no problems, continue on to the next device.


Updated: 08/02/2022