How To: Configure Admin Access

  Employee Monitoring Settings

InterGuard supports several administrative roles with varying levels of restrictive access to InterGuard settings and data. You can add and modify additional admins from the main menu by going visiting Settings > Admin Access.

As an example, you may choose to have a manager oversee their particular group comprised of their direct reports.


The three InterGuard admin roles are:


1.  Administrator

Administrators have full access across the InterGuard account. There is no limit to the number of Administrators that can be created in a single account.

2.  Manager

Managers are restricted from accessing the following sections of the interface.

  • Subscriptions section is hidden.
  • In Active Devices the following options are removed:
  • Creating Groups
  • Moving users/devices from group to group
  • Renaming Groups or Deleting Groups.

3.  Limited

Limited admins have all the above restrictions in place for Managers along with the following additional restrictions.

  • Settings section is hidden.
  • No access to Alert Word settings, Account Information, Notifications, Admin Access, Recording & Blocking or Productivity Settings.
  • Ability to purchase additional licenses or services is disabled from the web console.


Subsequently the following setting can be applied to any of the above admin roles

  • Limiting Group(s) Limiting group settings allows the ability to limit a specific admin to the InterGuard web console to only view data, devices, and monitored users from the selected limiting group(s). Each admin account can be limited to as many groups as needed.


InterGuard also has full integration with Google 2 Factor Authentication and the Google Authenticator app. This feature can be setup at any time from Settings > Admin Access section. Every future login attempt to the InterGuard web console will require a unique code from the Google Authenticator app to successfully login. This feature is available for all admin roles.


The video below will demonstrate how to set up and manage your administrators:

UPDATE: Any admin role can now be limited to any number of groups.