How To: Configure Productivity Settings

  Employee Monitoring Settings

Productivity Settings allow you to define whether or not a particular program or website should count as a productive activity, a neutral activity, or an unproductive activity. These categorizations will be factored into the individual user’s productivity score.

Like other settings, productivity is group-specific, which means you can have unique definitions for different departments or groups in your organization. A good example of this is how social media sites like Facebook or Instagram might be productive for your marketing team, but not productive for your finance team.

The list of programs and websites will automatically update based on user activity from monitored devices. It’s important to note that you need to enable recording for websites and programs in your Recording and Blocking settings in order to populate this list.

The video below will explain productivity settings in more detail.

UPDATE: You can now set category-wide productivity settings for Websites. Simply select the productivity rating at the category level and the websites within that category (both existing and new sites) will inherit that rating. If you want to override a productivity rating, just select the rating for the individual website URL.