How To: Create Reports, Exports & Notifications

  Employee Monitoring Settings

Reports and Notifications are a great way to automate the collection and distribution of data that is most relevant to you. Instead of having to log into the interface every time you want to check in on your employees, InterGuard offers three distinct report types that are delivered directly to your inbox.

  1. Reports
    • Reports are automated, predefined collections of data that you specify by selecting a report type. You can also define specific groups and a date range you’d like to pull data from. These reports are automatically scheduled and delivered to the inboxes of recipients that you define.
  2. Exports
    • Exports are customized reports based on the activities that you define. Like reports, you can also define specific groups and date ranges to pull data from. These are typically larger collections of data which requires you to log in to the interface to download the file.
  3. Notifications
    • Notifications can be used to be alerted about concerning user behavior in real-time based on activities that trigger alert words, website visits, behavior anomalies, and device check-ins. Notifications can be set up to send an email in real-time as the activity occurs. We have an additional tutorial video on how to configure and manage notifications here.

The video below will show you how to create and manage reports, exports, and notifications.