McAfee LiveSafe Exclusion Guide

Please note that while we update this guide from time to time, we cannot guarantee compatibility as Anti-Virus software companies may make changes without informing us. The exclusion instructions below are provided by the Anti-Virus software companies, and as such, we cannot guarantee their functionality. Any anti-virus settings that are disabled during this process should be restored to their normal functionality once the exclusions have been set up.

1) In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, open up the system tray and right click on the McAfee icon.

    • Select “Open McAfee® Total Protection”.

2) On the right-hand side of the main screen, click on the settings icon.

    • Under “PC Security” double click on “Real-Time Scanning”.
    • Click “Turn Off” before installing anything.
    • When asked “When do you want to resume Real-Time Scanning?”, click “Never”. This will be turned back on at the end of the installation process.

3) Download and install the InterGuard software from the InterGuard web interface under “Available Devices” or “Active Devices > All Devices” if you already have InterGuard installed on other devices.

    • IMPORTANT: When prompted to reboot the computer un-check the box to select “no” so the computer does not reboot. The computer will be rebooted at the end of the installation process.

4) Before turning Real-Time Scanning back on, you must exclude certain files inside of the installation folder manually. This means you need to go to the exclusions setting under the Real-Time Scanning settings, click on add file, and go through ALL files in the installation folder.

      1. proxy.dll
      2. svcboot_lohtldbvp.dll
      3. shim_ddotfcgit.dll
      4. ws_hixdptlbv.exe
      5. shim64_sejiqvqhi.dll
      6. dprx_pcdblqgph.dll
      7. DLP_dyeeyfwje.dll
      8. Director_jsdryjoor.dll
      9. chromeplg.dll
      10. ccp_gferbodmu.dll
      11. asapdk_x86.dll
      12. AES256.dll
      13. Wvcore.dll
    • There may be other files which McAfee will warn you about via pop up. That specific file should be excluded immediately so that it does not interfere with data collection.

5) You can now reboot the computer to complete the setup. The main HUB for McAfee will advise the customer that there is a Trojan and that they should restart their computer for changes to take effect – restarting the computer will not affect the excluded files.