Release Notes – September 2020 – Flexible Hours, Updated Productivity Settings, and More!

  Release Notes

What’s New?

  • Flexible Hours
    • You can now create flexible start and end times for employee work hours from the User View in “Work Day Settings”. This is perfect for teams of employees that don’t have the same defined hours of work, but share the same total daily work hours.
  • Productivity Settings – Ignore Websites
    • You can now label websites as “Ignore” in productivity settings. This is useful for filtering out commonly visited websites, such as a company webpage, from your productivity data set.
  • Limiting Groups
    • Previously, admins could only be limited to manage a single group, now all admin-types can be limited to manage any number of groups.
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
    • Outlook calendars are now integrated into the user’s activity timeline – even when their machine is idle.


  • Updated navigation and landing for managing groups, which is now located under “Settings > Manage Groups” and loads the User View by default.
  • Updated active time calculations for more accurate activity timelines.
    • InterGuard now continues to count active time when web conferencing apps are in use and remain in focus such as Zoom, WebEx, etc.