Sophos Internet Security Exclusion Guide

  Antivirus (AV) Exclusion Guides

Please note that while we update this guide from time to time, we cannot guarantee compatibility as Anti-Virus software companies may make changes without informing us. The exclusion instructions below are provided by the Anti-Virus software companies, and as such, we cannot guarantee their functionality. Any anti-virus settings that are disabled during this process should be restored to their normal functionality once the exclusions have been set up.

  1. From the Sophos Central Dashboard, select Global Settings.
    Sophos Exclusion
  2. Select Global Scanning Exclusions.
    Sophos Exclusion
  3. Select Add Exclusion.
    Sophos Exclusion
  4. Enter the Exclusion information and click Add Another. Here are the exclusions:
    • For 32-Bit OS: C:\Windows\System32\random_Folder\*.*
    • For 64-Bit OS: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\random_Folder\*.*

    Sophos Exclusion
    You will also have to exclude PUA’s by selecting Potentially Unwanted Applications:

    • Generic PUA NI
    • WebWatcher
  5. When all files have been excluded close the Sophos Control Panel.
  6. Install InterGuard Software
  7. Reboot
  8. When the setup is complete, run a scan to test your exclusions. If there are antivirus alerts, add items to the exclusions and run the setup again.