Trend Micro Antivirus Exclusion Guide

Please note that while we update this guide from time to time, we cannot guarantee compatibility as Anti-Virus software companies may make changes without informing us. The exclusion instructions below are provided by the Anti-Virus software companies, and as such, we cannot guarantee their functionality. Any anti-virus settings that are disabled during this process should be restored to their normal functionality once the exclusions have been set up.

1) Locate the icon for Trend Micro Antivirus+ in the bottom right corner of the screen in the system tray.

    • Right click and uncheck ‘Protection Against Viruses and Spyware’.
    • A small popup will show up; select ‘Disable until restart’ click ‘OK. This functionality will be re-enabled when the computer is rebooted.

2) Download and install the InterGuard software from the InterGuard web interface under “Available Devices” or “Active Devices > All Devices” if you already have InterGuard installed on other devices.


    • IMPORTANT: When prompted to reboot the computer un-check the box to select “no” so the computer does not reboot.


3) Right click the Trend Micro Antivirus+ icon again and select ‘Open the Main Console’ to open the main menu.

    • Click the settings icon on the right hand side of the scan button.

4) On the left hand side of the window should be a list of options; select ‘Exceptions Lists’. Then, click ‘Add’ and locate the installation folder.

5) Reboot the computer and confirm the antivirus is re-enabled to complete the installation.